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Plane Crash

AntonovAn-225 the world's largest plane.

Airplanes allow us to fly long distances in a fraction of the time that other modes of transportation will take.

If you're flying, you'll almost definitely have to fly with one of the commercial airlines that fly to your destination.

The primary role of a passenger airline is to move passengers and their belongings from one location to another.

The airline industry, like every other service industry, offers a service for a fixed price.

Today's article will is about, the world's largest airline.

There are a few different methods for determining the type of aircraft.The main difference is between those who are lighter than air and those who are heavier than air.

Airlines are either publicly or privately owned.

The AntonovAn-225 is the world's largest plane by certain measures. This massive cargo planes was designed by the Antonov Design Bureau in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Antonov planned it to transport the Buran spaceplane (the Soviet version of the space shuttle) as well as Energia rocket boosters, but after the Soviet Union collapsed, the plane quickly found other airlifting jobs.

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Antonov Antonov Design Bureau AntonovAn-225 Buran


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