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Kakum National Park is the most beautiful tourist site in Ghana

Have u ever visited any tourist site in Ghana before. Which of them did you enjoyed visiting there and wish to visit there over and over again .

In Ghana, there are a lot of tourist sites of attractiveness. Today, let us look at the Kakum National Park which can be found in Cape Coast in the central region of Ghana. It is the most beautiful tourist site in Ghana. Many people who visit this attractive place which to stay there forever. The place is very natural and very chilling.

Kakum National Park is a forest with a lot of big trees and wild animals in it. The most attractive part is the canopy walk.

The canopy work is a stretch of ropes connected to eight large trees where people walk on it. The more you walk, the higher the canopy in the air. 

Many people get scared whenever they are walking on this stretch.

Aside Kakum, there are other beautiful tourist sites in Ghana such as, Boti falls, Biggest Tree, various castles, various water falls and some hotels serve as a tourists sites. 

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