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Count yourself lucky if you are in these tribes in Ghana

There are many tribes in the country and many of these tribes have their own language. Ghana is made up of numerous ethnic groups. Some of these are the Fantes, Ga's, Ewes, Ashantis, Mamprusi, Dagomba, Mossi, Akuapim and many others to mention.

All these tribes have their own culture. That's why culture is defined as the way of life of a group of people. Tribes are made up of group of people. When you take the northerners for example, their way of life differs from those of the Fantes or Southerners.

Even in terms of food, Ghanaian tribes have different kinds of food they prefer. Now in terms of inheritance too, these tribes have their own way of inheritance. The Southerners for example practice matrimonial inheritance which means they inherit their mother's side.

If you are in the following tribes, then count yourself lucky because you do inherit your father's wealth unlike the others. This means that whatever your father has is yours as compared to to the matrimonial where you have to share things with nieces, nephew and other relatives.

These are the tribes; the Ewes. The Ewes practice the father inheritance. They inherit whatever belongs to their father. The Ga's. The Ga's also do practice father inheritance. They get whatever belongs to their father in case they are no more. The northeners also do same and so they also inherit their father.

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