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Know This Today-There's A Difference Between The Longest And The Largest Country In The World

Have you ever wondered if the largest contry in the world would also probably be the longest? Well, even if the thought has yet to cross your mind, I'm here to share with you the answer to that question. First of all, I'm guessing you already know that Russia is undeniably the largest country in the world right? Without a doubt, Russia is the largest in the world but surprisingly, it isn't the longest at the same time. Another country tends to lead the charts in this regard, got any guesses? Well, the country that happens to be the longest in the world is none other than " Chile". Seems like there was no way you were getting that correct. Chile apart from being the longest country in the world, is at the same time the narrowest. It extends 4,270km(2,653 miles) and yet only averages177km(110 miles) from east to west. Hope you learned something new today, see you in my next article.

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