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Top Five (5) Tallest Mountains in Ghana and where they are located.

Ghana has about 517 mountains in Ghana across all the regions in the country. Most of the mountains are situated in the Volta Region and Eastern Region. The upper east region also has a lot of mountains but non of them has made the to list.

Below are the tallest mountain in Ghana currently;

#1. Mountain Afadjato

Afadjato is the biggest and tallest mountain in West Africa and Ghana. It iso located in the Volta Region of Ghana. Part of the mountain is in Togo and it's fully surrounded by Green Vegetations. It is used as Tourist site by students and foreigners who visits the country.

#2. Mountain Dzebobo

This is the second highest mountain in Ghana with 2,874 feet that is, 676 miles. It is located in the Oti Region in Ghana and not far from the Volta Lake. It is specifically located in Akwapim at Nkwanta getting close to the Togo Range but it has not spread to the neighbor country, Togo. 

#3. Mountain Atiwiredu

Atiwiredu is located in the Ashanti Region of Ghana with about 2,539 feet. It can be located at Akyem-Abuakwa. One interesting thing about this mountain is that, the soil contains bauxite which serve as natural resource to the country and the people of that community.

#4. Mountain Kwamisa 

This is the fourth tallest mountain in Ghana with a height of 2,479 feet. It usually affected by Harmattan wind. It can be found at Kwamisa in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The name of the area has been given to the mountain.

#5. Mountain Edouka

This is the mountain that separates both Ghana and Togo with jungle of all kind of animals and reptiles. This is the 5th tallest in Ghana with about 2,542 feet and 785 metres above the Sea level. The mountain is located in the Eastern of the country.

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