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The shape of this airplane has got everyone talking.

Aeroplanes have indeed brought a lot of comfort to people across the world. The inventors of this wonderful transport mechanism solved a big problem as far as travelling is concerned in our world.

Gone are the day that people need to be in boat or a ship two to three months before they can travel to a different country or a far destination. Today with the help of aeroplanes, people can travel to far places within few hours or in just a matter of days. Indeed aeroplanes have made transportation across the world very easy and fast.

Today I came a cross a picture of an aeroplane that was causing stair at social media and decided to share. This aeroplane was a bit more different from the normal shapes of an aeroplane. It was designed to look as the shape of a woman and this has caused a lot of people reacting to it.

Check out the picture below and let me know how you think it looks.

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