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Top 5 places to get the best Kenkey in Accra

Called Ga Kenkey to distinguish it from Fante Kenkey, Ga Kenkey is a popular delicacy throughout Ghana. As the name implies it is the traditional food of the Gas. As such, the Gas do not joke with it. Below are some of the places to find the best (Ga) kenkey in Accra.

1. Makola Kenkey (Beside the new Makola Market).

Despite not having any visible name, this is one of the best kenkey anyone can ever find in Accra. They also sell Fante Kenkey for those who prefer Fante to Ga Kenkey. The Ga Kenkey is however the most patronised. They sell all kind of fishes but popular among them are shrimps, cassava fish, "nsesawa", red fish and "kpanla". Occasionally, they sell octopus.

The disadvantage of this place is that it is not conducive when you want to eat there. Their pepper and shito are very nice but they never give you enough. Customer service is not really the best.

2. Makola Kenkey (at Rawlings' Park)

This kenkey is located at one of the entrances to Rawlings' Park. They also sell Fante Kenkey as substitute. Here too, it is Ga Kenkey which is popular. They open from 8AM and close at 4pm or some times earlier, dependent on when the Kenkey finishes. They also have a wide array of fishes: from red herrings, kpanla, shrimps, octopus, cassava fish among others. Like their competitors, their customer service can be bad. Also, the place is not conducive for "in-house" dining.

3. Nyaho Hospital Kenkey (Airport)

Located at the expensive Airport Residential Area, this kenkey is seen as the most elite kenkey in the whole of Accra. The customer service is good, maybe, because of the calibre of people who buy from this place. It is not uncommon to see people with big cars buying kenkey from here. They also sell a wide array of fishes.

4. Opposite Spintex Ecobank kenkey (Spintex).

I still have not too pleasant memories of kenkey from this end, I remember buying Ghc5 worth of shrimps and then this woman counting five pieces of middle size kenkey into my bowl. Despite the cost, their kenkey is nice, their pepper and shito are also very nice. They open from 7AM till it gets finished; often in the dying moments of the afternoon. They also have a wide array of fishes to choose from.

5. Kenkey Boutique (Osu)

Throughout the years, Kenkey Boutique has acquired the reputation of serving the best kenkey. Their customer service is ok and their fishes is deeply fried leaving a crispy feeling in the tongue.

Comment below if you know any kenkey joint that should be on this list.

Content created and supplied by: Jyfrimpong (via Opera News )

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