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Pictures Of 3 Best Countries That Are Visa Free For Ghanaian Passport Holders - Pictures

Ghanaian passport holders have access to many countries in Africa and around the world. Currently, a passport holder in Ghana can travel to all the Economic Community of West African States without a visa and also many other countries in Africa, Asia, Oceania, Caribbean and Americas as well as Middle East, in which some of them a visa free whiles others are visa on arrival. Many of the visa free countries that a Ghanaian passport holder can travel may not be that economically advanced, but a few of them are advanced.

Below are 3 best countries that are visa free for Ghanaian passport holders

1. Singapore, this country may be small in terms of size and population, but it is one of the advanced countries in the world. Singapore is an Asia country which is located in Southeast Asia. The country is one of the developed countries and also has one of the busiest port in the world. A Ghanaian passport holder can travel to Singapore without a visa for a duration of 30 days.

2. Indonesia, this is also an Asian country which can be found at the southeast Asia and Oceania. The country is made up of many islands such as a thousand of the them. Indonesia is the largest island country in the world. Indonesia is one of the largest economy in the world in terms of nominal gross domestic product. A citizen of Ghana can travel to the Asian country Indonesia without a visa.

3. Macao (SAR China). Macao is a special administrative region of the country China which has it own executive, legislative and also judicial. Macao is a visa free country for a Ghanaian citizen with a passport.

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