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Chenku Waterfall Overflows Due to Recent Heavy Rainfalls at Dodowa.

Chenku waterfall happens to be the only waterfall in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana overflow it banks for a long period of time. The waterfall is located at Dodowa a suburb of Accra. The waterfall is the source of the Chenku River which passes through the Dodowa forest and some parts of the Dodowa town down to it neighborhoods to join other streams and finally enters the sea. Chenku Waterfall is well known for its beautiful surrounding and the power it possesses to rejuvenate you after a bath. 

The waterfall is surrounded with many types of rocks and inhabit some animals including different kinds of lizards, monitor lizards, white fowls, snakes and monkeys who only comes around when the environment is silent. Snakes found at the waterfall are said to be harmless by the locals and held them in high esteem. It is a taboo to kill a water snake that dwell in the Chenku River.

It is believed widely that the waterfall has a certain spiritual energy which happens to be one of the gods of the Obosomase people in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Due to this believe, a woman in her period is not allowed to enter into the water to take a bath. Also people with fresh cuts on them should avoid bathing in the water as the locals explain that it might have a spiritual effect on the person.

This waterfall is also said to withstand harsh conditions like drought as it barely dries. At its worst you can still find droplets of water dropping from the tall rocks down to the valley where it settles before flowing as a stream. It’s best to visit the place during the rainy season to see how beautiful the water flows down the hills. Many tourist and travelers have find interest in visiting the waterfall often.

The Chenku Waterfall is also used for different purposes aside relaxation. Artist and craftsmen come for photo shoot and movie shoots while some religious people use it for baptism. The surrounding of the waterfall is always kept neat and clean. The managers and tour guides are very explanatory and fun to work with.

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