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Death Trap : Don’t Travel To Europe Through Libya No Matter What.

In an attempt to escape poverty and the harsh economic and financial environment in the country, many young people venture into many things which they think will help them scale through life. The problem is that, some of the choices end up putting their lives in danger, whiles others are outrightly criminal, or both.

For one group in this category, there is the strong belief that the only way to be prosperous in life, after trying their best in the country is to travel to developed countries to seek for greener pastures.

Whiles traveling to a foreign land in itself is not a bad thing, the approach many young and energetic people use to attain such a goal is what has a problem. In most cases, these people who desire to travel to foreign lands do not have the proper documentation or do not satisfy the conditions which will allow them to legally travel.

One of the the popular ways by which people travel illegally to developed is by ferrying from Libya across the ocean to Italy.

Most people set off through the dangerous journey using the Sahara, a ruthless and tormenting experience, which exposes them to bandits and marauders. Apart from that, there is the risk of running out of water, which has led to the death of many people. The greatest of all the dangers is the crossing of the ocean. These green pasture seekers are packed into inflatable boats which are powered by motors which may not be strong enough.

In many cases, these boats overturn as a result of either strong currents or overloading. In the middle of the ocean, not even the best of swimmers are able to survive because they are not able to determine which direction to move. It is a scary experience and it is better one toils in the country to get the right documentation. Many souls have been lost and continue to be lost.

Do not risk it, no matter what.

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