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Land and Sea Borders Remain Closed, Ghanaians Demand Reopening.

On 21st March, 2020, President Akufo Addo, Government of Ghana, announced the closure of the country's borders, including the suspension of international flights as well as the closure of all land and sea borders until further notice due to the importation and the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Reopening Borders By Air

President Akufo Addo during his 16th presidential update on Sunday, 30th August, 2020 regarding the coronavirus pandemic, he announced that the Kotoka International Airport in Accra will reopen on the 1st of September, 2020. Moreover he mentioned that the various Covid-19 protocols to screen passengers upon arrival are being finalised.

Testing Travelers And Cost Involved

According to reports from the press conference that took place some days ago in view of reopening the Kotoka International Airport, each traveler at age five and above will undergo a Covid-19 test that will be conducted at the airport and the test carries a fees of $150 which are to be paid by the traveler. The result of the test is expected to be ready within 30 minutes according to authorities at the airport. Health authorities will attend to any traveler who tests positive for Covid-19, while those who receive negative results will be allowed to enter Ghana with no quarantine requirement. 

In addition, individuals who depart Ghana and return within one week will not need to present a negative Covid-19 test results, but they will still be subjected to testing upon arrival at the airport. Travelers exiting Ghana will undergo temperature screening prior to departure and will be required to comply with the Covid-19 testing requirements of their destination. 

Land and Sea Borders Remain Closed

Moreover, Ghana has confirmed more than 44,000 Covid-19 cases within its borders since 12th March, 2020. With Kotoka International Airport reopening on Tuesday, 1st September, 2020, the land and sea borders still remain closed until further notice according to President Akufo Addo. He has mandated the use of face masks in public places.

Ghanaians Demanding Reopening of Land and Sea Borders

According to online polls conducted by Ghanaweb asking whether the land and the sea borders should be reopened, many Ghanaians are of the view that it should be reopened. Out of 1,434 persons, 878 persons representing 61.23% are saying the land and the sea borders should be reopened, 360 persons representing 25.10% are saying no and 196 persons representing 13.67% are saying the land and the sea borders should not be reopened now.

Status of Covid-19 Restrictions

Currently, restaurants and bars are allowed to operate with appropriate social distancing precautions. Conferences, workshops, weddings and funerals are permitted with a maximum attendance of 100 persons. Also, Religious services are to operate at 200 persons capacity for up to two hours per service. Large sporting events, political rallies and festivals are suspended until further notice. While nightclubs, beaches and cinemas remain closed until further notice.

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