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Recruitment Processes into our Security services in Ghana are Faulted

Recently we witnessed some ugly scenes in some parts of the country during the recruitment exercise for the Ghana Immigration Service. You can see very long queues of young people waiting for their turns to be accessed.

It is good that the officers in charge do thorough checks to ensure that the right people are recruited in the service. But one thing that surprises me the most is some of the reasons some of the applicants are disqualified. Some are disqualified because of their height. Others are not picked because of stretch marks. Some of the applicants are also disqualified because of tatoos and the shape of their feet.

The most ridiculous reason that amazes me the most is someone disqualified because of stretch marks. I begin to wonder what stretch marks have got to do with the performance of someone recruited into the Immigration service. Disqualifying an applicant on the basis of stretch marks is not the best and must be scrapped.

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