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"Make Women chase You" - 3 Indelible Tricks To Be Irresistible To Women

Wow, this era of dating sphere has been characterized by guys chasing women all over even when their proposals are been rejected. It is time as guys we use the reverse psychology to make women us rather having us fall for them. As cunning and simple creatures, there are certain things that spark incredible attraction in them when they see a guys possess a specific trait.

  1 months ago


"Make Women Chase You" - 3 Ways To Be The "Ambitious Bad Boy" Women Love

"The Ambitious Bad Boy" Ambitious men are similar to Alpha males. They dominate their surroundings and take full responsibility about their actions. Alpha males don't live a life dictated by women. Women love guys who loves and value who they are. Some might called them been a "jerk" but they are totally not.

  2 months ago


Chilling Be What?: Rev Obofour Shows His "Bad Boy" Side In New Photos

Reverend Obofour, the founder and leader of Anointed Word Palace Church and his wife seem to be living the best of their life in this new month as they stun social media with chilling photos Rev Obofour and his wife have been one of the best couple pastors who have always lived their lives on social media. They are not discriminatory with the events they attend and the type of photos they take. In new photos currently going viral, Rev Obofour and his wife are spotted chilling with his wife sitting on his lap.

  9 months ago
Chilling Be What?: Rev Obofour Shows His


"Make Women Chase You" - 5 Traits Of A "Bad Boy" That Easily Attracts Women

It's such a great day to have you to study some "bad boy" character traits that easily attracts women. You need not to become arrogant before you can have this traits. Many guys out there because of their fears pretends to be a bad boy but they later get rejected by the women they are attracted to.

  2 months ago