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Lawyer Frank Davis Corrects His 'Mistake' After Public Backlash- Check These Photos
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Chief Justice's Warning To Frank Davis Should Be A Matter Of Concern To NDC Lawyers
High Court suspends petition hearing to Tuesday
You will never be lucky this time around - Frank Davis boldly tells Asiedu Nketia
We are not in court to challenge the elections - Asiedu Nketia
Asiedu Nketsia Will Not Be Lucky: 2013 Tactics Can't Be Applied Here- Frank Davis Warns
Election Petition: Supreme  Court is not always a place for correcting errors said by Mr. Frank Davis
If You Have Evidence Please Bring It To Us – Dr. Dominic Ayine
It's Unacceptable- Prof. Gyampo Lambasts Lawyer Davis For Allowing Soldier To Carry His Bag
Supreme Court Reacts: Frank Davis Cautioned By Court Over Post Trial Interviews