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Prof Kwaku Azar Broke Pot Of Open Secrets; Questions Why Jean Mensah Is Trying To Hide Them
“This totally unacceptable. A disgrace to Justice”. Kwaku Azar's comment sparks controversy.
Legally You Can't Force Her To Talk Even If She Enters The Witness Box- Prof Azar Schools Petitioner
The Court Deserves An Applaud - Prof Kwaku Azar Eulogises Supreme Court For Unanimous Decision.
It's Funny How An Injunction Which Nearly Marred The Inauguration Forgotten So Soon- Kweku Azar
The Unanimous Decisions Of This Court Recent Days Are Questionable; No Guarantee Of Accuracy - Azar
Prof. Azar List Political Areas People Are Making Plenty Money From. See It Here.
'What are you still expecting from the Supreme Court?' - Mahama questioned
The Ultimate List Of Ministries By Prof Kwaku Azar; Scraps Information Ministry And Seven Others
How Peter Amewu Won The Hohoe Seat Should Be Studied As A Course- Prof. Azar
The Youth Are Suffering From Public Corruption - Prof Kwaku Azar Says As He Advises
Election Petition: No surprise. SC's rulings are now predictable. Kweku Azar asserts.
Legally Jean Mensah Must Resign If She Doesn't Want To Mount The Witness Box - Prof Kwaku Azar
I don't believe in our “fa ma nyame” culture, Muntaka Mubarak apology not enough - Attorney Kwaku
Muntaka’s Apology Is Not Enough - Kwaku Azar Tells Ghanaians
University Students Have Less Accommodation, Fix That Problem- Prof. Azar Tells Government.
Judiciary Must Be Praised for Initiating Investigation into Muntaka's Judge Allegations - Prof Azar
No Serious Country Will Allow This! - Prof Kwaku Azar Commends Judiciary