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"You Write Nonsense When Not In The mood"- Ghanaians To Manasseh Azure Awuni

An investigative journalist and Editor in chief for the fourth Estate media, Manasseh Azure Awuni has sends some controversial message to Ghanaians today, Sunday, 4th July, 2021 and Ghanaians have replied him that he writes nonsense when not in the mood to write at times. Manasseh Azure Awuni and Ghanaians have disagree with his social media post at times and fight each other on his platform but Ghanaians have never made this statement to him until he made this controversial message to them.

  6 months ago ago


The big reveal : Bet you did not know the meaning of these slangs.

It seems like the use of slangs are here to stay. This is because social media is sending a wave of trends from all over the world. So before you mess with any slang, here are some slangs and their meanings from urban dictionaries. 1. GOAT: Wait! I know you know of this one as it is the most popular. This slang word means “ Greatest Of All Time ” which is used to refer to a person who is exceptionally great at a thing he or she does. 2. Mood: This slang is used when you can relate with a comment, a post

  1 year ago ago
The big reveal : Bet you did not know the meaning of these slangs.