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Opinion: The Tiny Hole Above Your Ears? This Is What It Means

People are created differently and we need to accept them the way they are. Some are created very pretty and desirable while others are not that amazing. Some have amazing features that you wish you could have. Anyway, everybody is just perfectly created and formed from appearance.

  28 days ago ago
Opinion: The Tiny Hole Above Your Ears? This Is What It Means


Ever Seen Person Born With "Tiny Hole" Above Their Ear? See What It Means About Their Health

Human beings are are at times born with peculiar things which only a few parents note immediately they are born. A good example is a small hole that many people, both boys and girls are born with on top of their ears. A very small percentage of people are born with tiny, barely visible holes above their ears.

  1 month ago ago
Ever Seen Person Born With


Congratulate Yourself if You Have a "Tiny Hole" Above your Ear, See What it Means.

We are all unique creatures in this world, in as much as we possess the same features we still have some certain qualities which made us different from other people. Fortunately these signs have meaning which means you shouldn't be troubled or worried when you see them on your body. Furthermore, we have people with different signs on their body. However publicityFriday is here to unveil a particular sign that could be found above the ear. If you've been wondering what this sign means, then you are at the right

  1 year ago ago
Congratulate Yourself if You Have a


Do you have this "Tiny Hole" Above your Ear? - Here is What it Means

When growing up, this myth of making a small hole above the ear was used by some people to say that it means "Fish Gills" and that someone who has it will live without dying for more than an hour underwater. "You're a lucky person"You're a lucky person. There is, however, little on human skin that can not be proved scientifically. Significance The tiny opening, which is situated just above the ear seen in some humans, is known as the pre-aricular pit, according to Wikipedia. On one side of the ear of a human

  10 months ago ago
Do you have this


Do You Have This "Tiny Hole" Above Your Ear? Here Is What It Means And Why You Should Be Careful.

Have you located this "Little Hole" just around your Ear?This's What it signifies and reasons you ought to be attentive to it.

  6 months ago ago
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